HOW I DO IT - Buttock augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers

26 Dec.,2023


My favourite body filler is Genefill from BioScience (Germany) since it is the only body filler that has helped my patients achieve naturally enhanced buttocks, with long-lasting results and minimal side-effects. BioScience manufactures the only body fillers that are CE Mark certified and from my extensive experience, it also satisfies my expectation with its positive safety profile and clinical research. With the help of body fillers, it is convenient to add volume to the buttocks in under 45 minutes with minimal pain and downtime. HA body fillers can prove to be a safe and effective treatment, provided that the injecting professional is equipped with appropriate knowledge and the right technique.

There has been a notable increase in the popularity of body procedures over the years. The advancement in non-surgical body treatments has made it convenient for people to get the body they desire without having to deal with downtime or risks of complications. In my opinion, minimally invasive body procedures are increasingly demanded because men and women do not want to be held back by their insecurities.



The protocol for HA body correction is mostly similar to that of dermal fillers for the face. The selection ensures optimal results that can minimise complications. The ideal candidate would be looking to volumise their buttocks either because they are genetically small, have lost their natural curves due to age or weight loss, or simply want to achieve a rounder shape.

I consult my patients providing details of what the procedure will entail, the kind of product I am using, and what to expect during and after the treatment to maintain transparency. The duration, risks, and possible side-effects are also clarified, in order to manage expectations.

Choosing the correct patient and knowing how to rule out patients who are not candidates for this technique is essential to achieve a good aesthetic effect and achieve the objective that the patient seeks, but to obtain this you must know how to inject the product, what the complications are and above all how to solve them.


Figure 1. Before (left) and after (right).



To begin with, I photograph the patient, so they can distinctly notice the difference after the procedure. I examine the buttocks from the back and sides to determine the specific injection area. This must be done while the patient is standing, as lying down augments the natural gravity and shape. Before disinfecting, I begin marking the upper gluteal and sub-gluteal areas. The injection points are also clearly identified at this stage.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. After the lidocaine injection, I use an 18G needle to create an opening for the 18G cannula. Usually, for the purpose of volumising, filler is injected into the upper gluteal region, which lifts up the gluteal area as well as the sub-gluteal crease. In case the lateral area lacks volume, I inject filler to enhance the dips. For this procedure specifically, I recommend using a 100mm cannula using the fanning injection technique. To make sure the results are symmetrical, I assess the patient again while they are standing, as the results may not be visible accurately.

Ideally, I recommend an injection of 30-40cc of hyaluronic acid gel for each buttock and no more than 100cc per session, especially if it is the patient’s first time. I also prefer to inject the deep sub-dermal layer and subcutaneous fat up to 3-4cm from the skin. After the injection, I assess the product distribution and gently massage from bottom to top if necessary.

After care

After the procedure, dressing the injected points with a disinfectant is very important. Taping the area in a triangle shape is necessary, in order to help the product integration with the dermis. I strongly advise my patients to keep it on for at least three days and avoid getting it wet.

Immediately after the treatment, patients may experience a slight swelling. This can be dealt with using paracetamol. I also recommend that patients do not undergo strenuous workouts, consume excessive amounts of alcohol or expose themselves to extreme temperatures. For bruising, arnica supplements are recommended.

The final outcome will not be seen immediately, but in about two to three weeks when the swelling and redness have subsided.


Declaration of competing interests: The author is a trainer for BioScience. 



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