Laser Fat Removal vs. CoolSculpting

23 Mar.,2024


If you are considering undergoing a fat loss treatment, you may be wondering about the differences between laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting. There are many negative CoolSculpting reviews floating around in cyberspace, and before you commit to a procedure it’s common to have questions and want to debunk the myths and get the facts. The reality is that when comparing laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting, laser fat reduction is the clear winner for several reasons.

Laser Lipo vs CoolSculpting: Key Differences

There are a few key differences between laser fat reduction and CoolSculpting that are essential to consider when looking for a fat loss treatment. Once you have all the facts regarding both procedures, read laser fat reduction and CoolScupting reviews, and consider your unique needs and goals, it will be easier to reach a decision.

Key differences between laser lipo vs CoolSculpting include:

  • The amount of fat loss per treatment session
  • The amount of time you spend receiving treatment per session
  • The appearance of final fat loss results
  • Level of discomfort during the treatment
  • The cost of treatment with laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting
  • The side effects of each treatment method
  • Time until full results can be seen
  • And more

Amount of Fat Loss

When you undergo laser fat reduction at Body Details, you will receive treatment from Master’s degree holding Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) who use only the Dominion Aesthetic eon™ body contouring device. The eon™ body contouring device provides amazing results, with an average fat loss of 21.6% per patient in just one single treatment session. Some patients report a fat loss as significant as up to 40%.

With CoolSculpting, patients see an average fat loss of just 20%. This means that laser fat reduction is generally more effective and leads to greater fat loss for the average patient.

Length of Treatment Sessions

When looking at laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting, it is also essential to consider how long your treatment will take. The eon™ body contouring device is able to target a 6x greater area as compared to other laser fat reduction tools, and can complete an entire treatment session in just one hour. This means that you can get laser fat reduction on your lunch break, or while you are out running errands on the weekends without a major disruption to your day. CoolSculpting cannot complete an area in the same amount of time unless the practice has multiple CoolSculpting devices. Worse still, patients sometimes require more than one session with a CoolSculpting device to achieve their desired results. This means more appointments and more time out of your days or weekends.

Appearance of Results

One of the most amazing features of the eon™ body contouring device is that it is entirely contact-free. The device has a laser guided automated articulating arm that evenly treats your entire abdomen without requiring an APRN or PA to manually move the device. This means that your fat loss will appear even, without bumps, bulges, or pockets that sometimes result from CoolSculpting.

Additionally, CoolSculpting can sometimes cause a rare side effect where the treated area becomes visibly enlarged, appearing swollen and inflamed with an extra accumulation of fat. This side effect can present anywhere from two to five months after treatment, and patients unfortunately require surgery to fix the condition.

The Cost of Treatment

When considering laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting, many patients wish to know the differences in cost for each fat reduction method. At Body Details, we offer new customers up to $200 off the cost of treatment for fat loss, and you can receive even further discounts when you bundle other services. Additionally, our True Laser® Centers offer flexible financing plans to those who qualify, because we believe that budget should never get in the way of your dreams.

According to CoolSculpting’s official website, treatment sessions can cost a client anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 per session. The price will depend on the area of your body you are looking to treat, as CoolSculpting is approved to treat areas including the stomach, flanks and love handles, and under the chin. The eon™ body contouring device, rather, is specially designed to target adipose tissue on the abdomen. This makes pricing more consistent and reliable when considering laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting.

Side Effects of Laser Lipo vs. CoolSculpting

Receiving fat loss treatment with the eon™ body contouring device requires absolutely no downtime, and side effects are minimal if they present at all. However, CoolSculpting reviews, as well as the company’s official website, state that the procedure can give patients some serious and unpleasant side effects. Additionally, many patients who leave CoolSculpting reviews report that the procedure is uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. With laser lipo this is not the case.

The side effects of CoolSculpting can include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling and redness in the area you are treating
  • A tugging sensation at the site of treatment
  • Pain and stinging at the site of treatment, which can last for up to two weeks post-treatment
  • Aching at the site of treatment, which can last for up to two weeks post-treatment
  • Skin sensitivity
  • And more

Time Until You Can See Results

Both laser fat reduction and CoolSculpting take some time before you will see the final results. Your total fat loss with both treatment methods will be evident after a period of 12 weeks, though it is likely that you will begin to see a reduction in fat sooner. With CoolSculpting, you likely will not begin to see results until three weeks after treatment. When you receive treatment from the eon™ body contouring device you will see initial results faster. However, your ultimate, final fat loss will not be evident until three months post-treatment. With CoolSculpting, it may even take up to 16 weeks or 4 months to see your final results in some cases.

Additional Benefits of Fat Reduction at Body Details

While there are many benefits to laser fat reduction when comparing laser lipo vs. CoolScuplting, the eon™ body contouring device at Body Details provides even more advantages. First, the device emits laser energy and cooling technology simultaneously, to provide as comfortable an experience as possible throughout the course of treatment. Additionally, the device scans and then maps the topography of your abdomen automatically, diminishing the chances of any user error. The fat reduction treatment does not require the use of any gels or applicators, there is no messy clean up, no need to receive massages to enable recovery post-treatment, and no risks associated with traditional fat loss surgery.

While CoolSculpting uses a process known as cryolipolysis, which freezes the fat cells on a patient’s body, the eon™ body contouring device instead induces a natural process called apoptosis, which enables your body to naturally eliminate fat cells through your lymphatic system.

The eon™ body contouring device is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for reducing fat in the abdominal area. All APRNs and PAs at Body Details undergo extensive training with our True Laser® Center medical experts, as well as with the laser manufacturer. This ensures that each medical professional who administers treatment with the eon™ body contouring device are leaders in the field of laser fat reduction. These are credentials that you will not see at many comparable facilities.

Is Fat Reduction at Body Details Right for You?

If you are considering undergoing treatment for fat reduction and are weighing the differences between laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting, make an appointment to speak with a True Laser® Specialist at Body Details today. Our True Laser® Specialists will evaluate your abdominal area and help determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. And, don’t forget to take advantage of the promotional deals we are currently offering new customers, such as $200 off laser fat reduction at any of our True Laser® Centers.

Preparing for Your FREE Consultation

To further discuss the benefits of laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting, come into Body Details True Laser® Centers for a FREE consultation with no obligation. We currently offer laser fat reduction with the eon™ body contouring device at our Pembroke Pines and Boynton Beach locations. We are continuously expanding our services to as many locations as possible, so stay tuned for future updates as laser fat reduction may come to more of our Centers in the near future.

To prepare for your consultation, wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. Be prepared to show your stomach area to a True Laser® Specialist and to have a physical evaluation of your abdomen. This is to determine if you are a good candidate for the eon™ body contouring device.

Additionally, prior to arriving it is a good idea to read CoolSculpting reviews online to see what experience others have had with the method. While it is a popular technique for fat reduction, many patients do experience negative side effects. Also, check out the Body Details page on our fat reduction treatment process, and make a list of any questions that you may have for your True Laser® Specialist. They can provide specific answers to the differences between laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting if there is something you are curious about.

Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today

To get started with the laser fat reduction treatment process at Body Details in Pembroke Pines or Boynton Beach, give us a call or schedule your FREE consultation online today. Our offices have extended evening hours, as well as weekend appointments available so that you can get the fat reduction treatment you want on your time.

Consultations are quick, yet thorough, so you can come in and speak with a True Laser® Specialist and then continue on with your day. Get right back to work, to the kid’s soccer game, or continue running errands without disruption. If you are looking to reduce fat in your abdominal area, consider the significant advantages of laser lipo vs. CoolSculpting and come on into Body Details! We can reach your fat reduction goals together.

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