what is the best brand of self leveling compound to use?

02 Jul.,2024


what is the best brand of self leveling compound to use?

Hi I am planning on using some slc on my kitchen and bathroom floor and would be greatful if any of you have found a particular brand any good. Also I have read the sticky and it says to avoid latex and go for water based....would waterbased be ok on a kitchen and bathroom floor? It also mentioned to check the moisture content of the floor....I had 3 guys over to quote the job none of them felt the need to do this....or pre fill the cracks etc just cover it all in a few mm wait a day one guy said the others said 3 to 4 days and cover in vinyl...when I asked they said its for new floors etc....not too sure if thats right....I would appreciate any advise...my house is a 60s I have taken everything off the floor so its bare..ready to be levled and have its new covering on top.

Many thanks for reading

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