Gas as a heating fuel: pros & cons

29 Apr.,2024


Gas as a heating fuel: pros & cons

Alongside oil, gas is one of the most important primary energy sources in Germany. It is not only industry that needs a lot of gas. This fossil fuel is also indispensable for heating residential buildings and apartments. Official statistics show how important gas is in the heating sector, and confirm that gas systems are among the most frequently used heating systems. Around two thirds of all heat generators use gas.

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Gas as a drive energy and source fuel for heating systems

The best-known kind of heating system runs on gas. It burns the fuel, generating heat in the process. It is able to burn the fuel not only in gaseous form, but also in liquid form (liquid gas). But it is by no means the only type of heating that uses gas as an energy supplier. Combined heat and power units, for example, burn gas to drive a turbine, which in turn generates electricity and heat. Heat pumps also use either electricity or gas as drive energy to power a compressor. One special type of heating system is fuel cell heating. It too uses gas as an energy source to generate heat and electricity. But here's the trick: it doesn't burn the gas, but separates it chemically. The actual fuel in this case is not the gas itself, but the hydrogen reformed from it.

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