Ultimate Guide to 90u Silica Fume: Uses, Benefits, and FAQs

25 Apr.,2024


**How to Use 90u Silica Fumeoduct of producing silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys. It is a highly reactive pozzolan with particles that are 100 times smaller than a cement particle. This makes it an ideal material for improving the performance of concrete in various construction applications. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use 90u silica fume in construction:

1. **Mixing with Concrete**: The most common use of 90u silica fume is as a partial replacement for cement in concrete mixtures. To use silica fume in concrete, mix it with water and aggregate before adding it to the cement mixture.

2. **Dosage**: The typical dosage of 90u silica fume in concrete mixtures is between 5% to 10% by weight of cement. It is important to follow manufacturer recommendations for the specific application to achieve the desired performance.

3. **Mixing Procedure**: When mixing 90u silica fume with concrete, ensure that it is evenly distributed throughout the mixture. Proper mixing is crucial to achieve the desired strength and durability of the concrete.

4. **Curing**: After pouring the concrete mixture, it is essential to properly cure it to allow the silica fume to react with the cementitious materials. Curing can be done through various methods such as water curing, steam curing, or using curing compounds.

5. **Benefits**: Using 90u silica fume in concrete mixtures offers several benefits, including increased strength, reduced permeability, improved abrasion resistance, and enhanced durability. It can also help in reducing the carbon footprint of concrete by allowing for reduced cement content.

**FAQs about 90u Silica Fume**.

1. **Is 90u silica fume safe to use?**.

Yes, 90u silica fume is safe to use in construction applications. However, proper handling procedures should be followed to minimize exposure to silica dust, which can be harmful if inhaled.

2. **Can 90u silica fume be used in precast concrete applications?**.

Yes, 90u silica fume can be used in precast concrete applications to improve the performance and durability of the precast elements. It can help in achieving higher early strength and reducing the permeability of the concrete.

3. **How does 90u silica fume improve the properties of concrete?**.

90u silica fume acts as a pozzolan in concrete mixtures, creating additional binding material that fills the gaps between cement particles. This results in denser and more compact concrete, enhancing its strength and durability.

In conclusion, 90u silica fume is a versatile and beneficial material for enhancing the properties of concrete in construction applications. By following the proper procedures for its use and understanding its benefits, contractors can achieve superior performance and durability in their concrete structures.

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